Product certification

Certificeren van producten

Product certification

ISIB acts as an independent certification body for products in the field of building products whose passive fire safety performances constitute the primary demands, such as fire resistant doors, valves, pipe and cable penetrations, etc. Such a certification aims at endorsing to all interested parties that the products, introduced to the market, satisfy the imposed specifications.

Moreover, it guarantees that the products, regardless of the moment of delivery, always present the same performances as the products initially tested. Product certification is based on a certification scheme describing the full certification process. To achieve the above-mentioned certification aim, the certification comprises mainly the following steps:

Certification process

  • Execution of the initial type test (ITT), including sampling, by an accredited laboratory
  • Evaluation of the ITT results by the certification body
  • Initial inspection of the production installation and the production control in the factory
  • Attribution of the certificate
  • Permanent supervision of the production control
For building products for which European harmonized product standards are in place, such a certification, in the form of CE marking, is even obliged. Against this background, ISIB is taking the necessary steps to obtain a BELAC accreditation according to the EN ISO/IEC 17065, the international standard stipulating the demands with which certification bodies for products should comply.

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